KPI for measuring performance of Crisis Management companies

KPI Name: Crisis Management Companies Balanced Scorecard Metrics

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Sample reports:

Some reports were generated with Balanced Scorecard Designer for the Crisis Management Companies Balanced Scorecard Metrics KPI to show both – Balanced Scorecard Designer functionality and a part of KPI content:

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The Balanced Scorecard Designer software was used to create this KPI.

Description by authors:

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the yardsticks against which an organization can easily measure its current performance and at the same time, devise methods to control future activities. They protect the companies from deviating and falling into a crisis situation.

Undoubtedly, for a Crisis management company KPIs can be immensely helpful. For such companies, they can be broadly classified into four categories: Financial, Customer, Education and growth and Internal processes.

Financial indicators reflect the performance of the company in financial terms. Revenues generated, profits earned, fee charged etc., can be used as parameters here.
Customer perspective refers to the image of the company among its customers on the basis of its various accomplishments. This can be known by the number of clients, cases resolved, awards and credibility ratings.

A very important aspect for the working of a crisis management company is to ensure that its employees possess the right kind of skills and training to tackle any kind of situation. Therefore, number of technical and psychological training sessions held, counseling provided and compensation play a significant role.

Internal processes perspective is another important dimension to look out for. Efficiency of the company would depend on the time it takes to resolve the issues, number of experienced personals and different services provided across various fields.

KPI in Excel – Screenshot:

This is the actual scorecard with Crisis Management Companies Performance Indicators and performance indicators.