Exxon Mobil – Oil Company Crisis Management Plan

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Exxon Mobil is the second largest organization in the ranking of the Fortune 500 companies with revenues of $284.65 billion and profits of $19.28 billion. Exxon Mobil obtained 169 permits in coastal Louisiana for exploration of oil and gas. According to the Coastal Use Permit Tracking System of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, the company had already dredged 2,091,584 cubic yards in that area since 1981. The department had revealed that about 949.60 acres of wetlands had been destroyed in the coastal areas due to the dredging activity in the past three decades. On the other hand, the company had mitigated only 61.11 acres as compensation for its dredging actions.

The proponents of restoration of the wetlands of coastal Louisiana assert that the restoration would cost a minimum of $50 billion and would take another three decades to completely recreate the wetlands. Critics of Exxon Mobil want the company to keep its promises and adopt policies to prevent further damage to the wetlands, while also assisting in the restoration process.