Crisis management in governmental organizations

KPI Name: Government Crisis Management Balanced Scorecard Metrics

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Sample reports:

Some reports were generated with Balanced Scorecard Designer for the Government Crisis Management Balanced Scorecard Metrics KPI to show both – Balanced Scorecard Designer functionality and a part of KPI content:

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The Balanced Scorecard Designer software was used to create this KPI.

Description by authors:

Crisis is an event that means ‘emergency event’. It can occur in any type of organization, be it government or private, and can create problems for the entity. Crisis management aims at avoiding and managing such crisis. This can be done more effectively by identifying the key performance indicators.

In government agencies, KPIs can be categorised into 4 perspectives namely, financial perspective, information and knowledge management perspective, team management and operational efficiency.

Financial perspective includes percentage government aiding, percentage non-government aiding, percentage aiding from public and percentage increase in outlays. It provides the financial overview of the government agencies.

Information and knowledge management perspective includes KPIs such as sources of information, external communication and awareness programmes, knowledge management and percentage increase in informational system reach.

Team management perspective deals with team related activities. It include number of crisis management teams, technical training sessions, percentage experienced members and psychological and motivational training sessions.

Operational efficiency perspective refers to the efficiency of crisis management of government agencies. It includes average time taken, percentage of crisis successfully resolved, number of supervisory committees, coordination.

KPI in Excel – Screenshot:

This is the actual scorecard with Government Crisis Management Performance Indicators and performance indicators.