Chevron – Energy Company Crisis Management Plan

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Chevron is a multinational energy company with headquarters in San Ramon, California, United States. The Goldman Environmental Prize declared Pablo Fajardo Mendoza and Luis Yanza of Ecuador as winners of its annual ‘eco-leaders’ prize. Fajardo and Yanza had been leading one of the biggest legal battles in global history against Chevron on its key role in the massive environmental pollution caused by the company in that region due to its petroleum activities.

Yanza and Fajardo had been demanding that Chevron should pay for the cleaning up of the 20 billion gallons of wastewater due to drilling and 17 million gallons of crude oil that had been dumped by the company into the Ecuadorian Amazon region. Yanza leads the Amazon Defense Front that had launched legal action against Chevron, while Fajardo is the lawyer leading the case against Chevron. The case had been described as a massive legal battle against a global giant corporation by a local community.